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Data creation

We know that cutting-edge projects require unique data sets. We can create video and photo data adapted to any scenario your project requires.
Background, scene and environment composition, specific distortions - we implement any of your requirements.

Data Crowdsourcing


Manual Collection

image dataset collection

Image annotation

Image annotation is an important but complex process for many artificial intelligence companies. Creating efficient and effective datasets for machine learning can consume a significant amount of resources. 
Outsourcing image annotation ensures that computer vision projects have access to accurate training images while maintaining flexibility and control.

Video annotation

Bounding box annotation

This is the most common, fast, reliable, and cost effective method of annotation.

Skeletal annotation

Shows the position of the body in space. This method is commonly used in fitness and emergency detection applications.

Polygon annotation

This is what you need if you are dealing with irregular shapes and your project needs more precision.

Key points annotation

Identify and mark the key points of the subject in the video, such as eyes, nose, lips, etc.

Semantic segmentation

Semantic segmentation allows to group several objects of the same category into one object

Custom annotation

If your project requires a particular combination of annotation types or even a new annotation type, we can easily do that for you. 

Synthetic data generation

syntetic image annotation

Cost and time optimization.

Generating synthetic data is much cheaper than collecting it from real events if you don't have the proper data set.

Rare Data Creation. 

There are times when data is rare or dangerous to accumulate. Car accidents, data with weapons, finding objects and people in dangerous places - for all these tasks, data generation is an ideal choice. 

Ease of labeling and control.

Completely synthetic data simplifies marking because the process of their creation and marking is carried out simultaneously. 

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