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AI-powered video management system

KOLO VMS is a platform for building security systems based on AI video analytic techniques. Object detection/identification and object tracking based on neural networks help to significantly decrease the quantity of false positive alarms and make the system robust in various types of sceneries.

Знімок екрана 2023-10-25 о 15.12_edited.jpg

General capabilities

AVMS uses protocol ONVIF for connection to any type of camera that supports it. That allows for connection and use of a wide range of cameras including IR (thermal) cameras, day/night cameras, and PTZ to control movements of cameras. 

The software can work with a huge amount of cameras to simultaneously show the operational picture in the controlled area.

Знімок екрана 2023-10-25 о 15.12_edited.jpg
Знімок екрана 2023-10-25 о 15.12_edited.jpg

All sensors' positions are displayed on the map as well as detected objects when their position will be found by using a laser ranger finder or by the internal instrument of video analytics.

Implemented Features

Counter drone.jpg

Objects detection:

AI powered object detection eliminate 95% of the false alarms compare to classic moving detectors.

  • Neural network object detection/identification

  • Autonomous false positives rejection

  • 12 predefined classes for air, land, and sea targets

Objects tracking:

The target tracker will automatically guide the PTZ to the intruder that was detected by object detection. Otherwise, operator can manually choose any target for tracking based on his needs.

Panoramic view:

Real-time panoramic scanning allows coverage of large sectors with one camera. The camera moves in the predefined sector from side to side simultaneously processing each frame for object detection. The operator will have the possibility to observe all areas at one time with all options for AI object detection.

That allows to provide 360º situation awareness, on a single 2D operator’s monitor.

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