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Custom machine learning

We help companies create and implement the full range of computer vision solutions - from data collection to model creation and integration into off-the-shelf software solutions

Our computer vision and machine learning specialists will solve your task in the shortest time possible with maximum quality.  Let's discuss your project.

Benefits for you

Cost reduction

We invest in a proper machine learning infrastructure, and staff training. So you only pay for design time and get lower operating costs.

Lower risks

Our team consists of computer vision specialists with extensive expertise, which allows us to get predictable results in tasks of any complexity.

Higher efficiency

You can focus on your core business while we take care of the computer vision part of it.

Resource economy

We can optimize computer vision models to reduce resource consumption without reducing quality.

Datasets preparation

We have annotation experts who can properly and efficiently label thousands of images for your project.

Professional service

We help our customers get the most out of their data.

How we work

Initial interview

Discussion about the appearance of the project.

Analysis of requirements and estimation of expected results.

Proposal preparation

Preparation of an approximate proposal for development.
Scope of work, schedule, budget.

Technology choice

Review/testing of the most promising approaches, discussion and approval of testing protocol.

Proof of concept

Testing of ideas and technologies.
Implementation of multiple ideas to validate concept. 


Based on the tested ideas, a workable product is created, ready for deployment. 

Our competences

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