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Retail is an industry that constantly works with customer experience to increase revenue from the sale of certain goods. For the right development strategy, it is important to understand customer behavior patterns, product purchase statistics, and opportunities to reduce operating costs. Deep learning is one of the main tools for obtaining answers to these questions.

Customer heatmap

To analyze the behavior of users and understand the optimal locations of goods, it is necessary to have information about the traffic of customers in stores or their separate areas. Computer vision allows us to automatically count the number of people, the trajectory and direction of their movement.

computer vision heatmap building
deep learning shelf managment

Shelf scanning

Scanning shelves with goods allows you to check the correct location of the goods on the shelves, monitor the work of the store staff and keep statistics on updating the goods on the store shelves.

Smart scales

Scales that automatically recognize the product placed on them allow you to speed up the supermarket shopping process. As a result, the user experience and loyalty to the store increases.

AI scale
CV for self checkout

Self checkout

An automatic cash register with integrated computer vision allows you to reduce the number of personnel required for the operation of the store and reduce operating costs.

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