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Airports solutions

An airport is a complex combination of engineering and administrative systems designed to ensure the movement and safety of millions of passengers per year. The use of the latest machine vision systems allows airport employees to ensure the functioning of this complex as efficiently and quickly as possible. 

Runway inspection

Runway inspection is a mandatory procedure for the airport. Personnel must check the runway for defects and objects that could damage the aircraft. Even the presence of small garbage on the runway can lead to catastrophic consequences. Visual inspection by airport personnel always carries the risk of missing important details due to the human factor, at the same time, computer vision systems allow not only improve the quality of the inspection but also speed it up.

machine vision runway inspection
deep learning counter drone system

Birds and drones detection systems

The collision of birds and drones with airplanes is a huge issue for ensuring flight safety. Radars and other warning systems cannot always definitively identify a target and classify it. For the final classification of the target, it is worth using optical systems, and artificial intelligence allows you to relieve the operator and automatically classify the object.

Ground crew safety

The airport rightfully belongs to places of increased danger. And that is why the safety of personnel during the performance of their work duties is one of the most important tasks. These processes, like many others, can be automated as much as possible using machine vision. Checking the presence of personal protective equipment on the employee, detecting personnel in areas prohibited for them, and much more allows to ensure the life and health of personnel.

object detection for staff safety
face recognition for security issues

Face recognition

Face recognition has long been an integral part of the security system of a large number of objects for searching persons who are on the list of unwanted or dangerous persons. However, no less interesting is the case of searching for people who are not on the lists, but may pose a theoretical threat, for example:

  • All persons in a certain age range of a certain gender

  • All persons wearing glasses

  • All persons have seen during a certain time

  • All people that were seen in one place

The presence of these tools allows the security service to act much earlier to prevent possible danger.

Abandoned luggage

Luggage left unattended every day adds a lot of trouble to the airport security service. Baggage without an owner is always perceived by the security service as an immediate threat and requires compliance with all security protocols. Neural networks can automatically search for left luggage and inform airport services if they are found.

abandoned lugage computer vision detection
machine vision virtual fence

Virtual fence

The airport has a large number of premises and areas to which the entrance is prohibited for passengers, but passengers can gain access due to the negligence of the staff. Solving this problem is possible based on the existing video surveillance infrastructure by adding Virtual fences video analytics module.

Virtual fences allow control of restricted areas and create an alarm in case of an emergency. Virtual fences can be set up to work only with the people and ignore personnel in uniform or animals for reducing false alarms.

Epidemic control

Epidemics that humanity has faced in recent years have become a big challenge for air carriers of all countries. COVID-19 completely paralyzed passenger transportation for several months, which caused huge losses to airlines. At the same time, after the resumption of transportation, the rules of epidemiological control became even stricter. 

Computer vision tools can help in: 

  • Controlling the presence of a mask

  • Controlling the observance of distance

  • Finding crowds of people

  • Measurement of body temperature

computer vision epidemic control

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