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We are giving business a vision, COMPUTER VISION


What we do

We work with technology startups on complex computer vision projects.
Our highly qualified team with many years of experience will help you find and implement the best solution to your business challenge.
We provide a full cycle of computer vision application development regardless of the application area.

computer vision model
edge computing
training computer vision model
deployment computer vision on cloud

Creation AI Models

Training AI Models

Deployment to the Edge

Deployment to the Cloud

About the event
image dataset creation

Video Annotation

image annotation

Data Generation

image dataset generation

Correct datasets

When developing an innovative product, the problem of data availability becomes no less critical than the problem of creating a computer vision model.
The process of data collection, preparation, and markup require a lot of resources and specific skills.
Our professional team can help you with the most complex and time-consuming tasks in the shortest possible time.

video annotation

Data creation

Image Annotation

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