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The application of deep learning in sports is gaining wider application. Helping judges in decision-making, analysis of past games to determine weak points of opponents and even AI - fitness trainers are all tasks that are solved with the help of computer vision.

Movement analysis

Tracking the athlete's movements is an important part of the process of improving his performance during exercise. Tracking the biomechanics of the body, measuring indicators in combination with indicators from other sensors allows you to bring athletes to a completely new level.

CV movement analysis
object tracker

Ball tracker

In sports with a ball, tracking its movement is a very important task that ensures fair refereeing.

AI trainer

In recent years, people increasingly choose sports at home rather than in a fitness club. However, training should be effective and safe. A deep learning trainee can help track the correctness of exercises to prevent injury, and prepare an effective training program to ensure the best results.

AI trainer
deep learning training enchansment

Enhancing training sessions

Computer vision tools are an ideal assistant for a team of coaches, they can provide tracking of the movement of players, the ball, and accumulate statistics for each player. All this information is analyzed by the team coaches and helps to adapt the training program to improve the performance of the athletes.

Postgame analyzes

Analysis of game results is an important part of the team development process. Analysis of game recordings can provide invaluable data to improve training programs and game tactics, and computer vision can speed up this process.

computer vision player tracker

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