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Every year, manufacturing becomes more and more automated and high-tech. The main achievement of automation is the increase in the number of products produced and the reduction of operating costs. At the same time, quality control of manufactured products allows maintaining the manufacturer's reputation and reducing warranty service costs.

Worker safety

Production belongs to the places of increased danger, therefore the admission of personnel to workplaces should occur only after checking the availability of protective equipment. And in the process of work, there is constant supervision of compliance with safety techniques, with the help of video surveillance cameras and artificial intelligence.

CV safety control
deep learning quality control

Quality inspection 

Quality control is an important stage of production that allows you to maintain the quality of the original products. Automation of this process allows you to speed up the entire production chain and reduce the number of damaged products that end up on sale.

Working process optimization (LEAN)

The main ideology of the LEAN methodology is constant and continuous improvement and optimization of work processes. This is almost impossible to ensure without an in-depth analysis of all work processes over a long period of time. Automatic analysis using computer vision allows you to conduct an analysis and provide recommendations in the shortest possible time and without human intervention.

implementation computer vision in LEAN
computer vision falling detection

Falling detection

Falling a person at work is very dangerous due to the fact that very often the noise in the room, a large amount of equipment and the absence of colleagues nearby can lead to the absence of the necessary first aid at the most necessary time. The use of a fall detection program in combination with a video surveillance system allows you to solve this problem and increase the safety of personnel.

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