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Swarm control hardware/software for UAV integration

Coming soon


KOLO SWARM module turns UAV into a high-performance autonomous system. It allows processing AI detection, identification, and tracking capability and the UAV autonomic control to move UAV in required formation for mission completion.


KOLO SWARM set of hardware/software for integration on the UAV platform. UAV swarm control, AI detection, identification, and tracking capability for control UAV in automatic mode without the operator's involvement. 

General capabilities

Autonomous capabilities:

  • Swarm autonomous control

  • Detection of land, and sea targets

  • Classification of detected objects

  • Tracking of fast-moving objects

  • 8 predefined classes in the classification model as well as custom user classes

Знімок екрана 2023-11-19 о 13.00.03.png

System additional capabilities:​

  • Plug-and-play integration to autopilot

  • Processing IR camera as well as Day/Night camera 

  • Low weight for small UAS integration

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