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Edge AI module for UAV integration

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KOLO UAV edge AI module turns UAV into a high-performance autonomous system. It allows processing AI detection, identification, and tracking capability as well as the UAV autonomic control to move and follow some object or use search scenarios.

KOLO UAV Edge AI module can be used for different types of autopilots and camera types.

Integration is done by plugging the KOLO UAV between the camera and autopilot.

General capabilities

Autonomous capabilities using Neural Networks:

  • Detection of land, and sea targets

  • Classification of detected objects

  • Tracking of fast-moving objects

  • 8 predefined classes in the classification model as well as custom user classes

  • Additional image stabilization and enhancement algorithms

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System additional capabilities:​

  • Plug-and-play integration to autopilot

  • Processing IR camera as well as Day/Night camera 

  • Low weight for small UAS integration

Simple Integration

Universal interfaces for major types of onboard cameras allow for easy integration of edge units into existing UAV systems.  Lightweight and small size ideally fitted for integration to UAV platforms.

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Extended capabilities with edge AI processing

Object detection/identification:

  • Neural network object detection/identification

  • Autonomous false positives rejection

  • 8 predefined classes for land, and sea targets

  • Edge processing allows to use of the image in maximum quality


Object tracking:

  • Deployment tracker on the edge device allows for tracking of fast-moving objects.

  • Object tracking based on AI provides better tracking accuracy compared to the common trackers.

  • AI tracking based on Siamese family on neural networks.

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