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Agriculture solutions

Agriculture has long been transformed into one of the technological branches of human life, but this transformation is not yet complete and the penetration of modern technologies is increasing every year. Computer vision has not become an exception and finds new applications in the processes of automation and optimization of agriculture.

Animal monitoring

Analysis of animal behavior helps to quickly identify animals with signs of illness or injury, monitor water and food consumption, as well as the adequacy of housing conditions for individual individuals. The possibilities of computer vision for identification and tracking of animals can increase the profitability of smart farms already now.

computer vision animals detection
machine vision multispectral images

Crop monitoring

Technologies of multispectral analysis allow you to monitor the process of plant development and the need for additional fertilizers or watering. Obtaining multispectral images has now become as simple as possible, because it is now possible to obtain them not only from satellites, but also from drones, which are increasingly used in agriculture. Deep learning allows you to automatically process images from drones and satellites and issue accurate recommendations for applying fertilizers and their composition, simplifying and speeding up the work of specialists.

Pest Management

Pests can cause significant damage to crops of absolutely all types of crops. Their timely removal is the key to a successful fight against them and, as a result, to the preservation of the harvest. Computer vision allows not only to detect the pest, but also to classify it for a clear understanding of how exactly it is necessary to deal with it.

CV pest detection
CV fruits sorting

Fruits and vegetables sorting

Sorting vegetables and fruits is one of the last stages before selling products. Sorting them by size, color and, most importantly, the absence of damage is an important factor for the user experience.

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